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Luxury is for the most something different, depending from were each one comes.
Luxury was once available only to the rarified, aristocratic world and of old money. It offered a history of tradition and craftsmanship, superior quality, and a pampered buying experience. This buying experience but not only for luxurious goods!
Today however, most luxury is simply a product package, sold by multi-billion-dollar global corporations that focus on growth, visibility, brand awareness, asvertising, and, above all, profits.
This modern `so called luxury´ has its dark sides in the different luxury industries – fashion, cruise, etc., that those don´t want us to know about. I try an uncompromised look behind the glamorous facade. But when the luxury is real, no bling-bling, I will name and tell as well. And I want to show about the history of luxury on oceans and in lifestyle, when luxury still had its luster.
You have to know your history – if you don´t know from which stable you are, you don´t know were and how to go.
Coat of Arms - Gerd Wüsthoff
Coat of Arms – Gerd Wüsthoff

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